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Venue 47 Quay Gardens Sculpture Studio

Taking place here…

  • Marie-Noëlle Sculptures

    Work in local and Mediterranean marble, life size portraits in bronze. In 2017 Marie-Noëlle started working in Carrara, Italy on a new series, some of which will be on display in the studio.

Venue A Amos Lighting + Home

Taking place here…

  • Naomi Hart

    Part of the Lonely Arts Column project. “I have been travelling all my life and I record my journeys in sketches and paintings. In this exhibition, I will explore how myth and reality can coincide within the same landscape...”

Venue 48 The Summerhouse

Taking place here…

  • Jayne Farleigh

    An exhibition of paintings of wildlife, landscapes and estuary scenes. I am inspired by animals and birds, and also the ever changing estuaries in Devon. My paintings are from photographs, sketches and memories of what is seen and felt.

  • Willow Paterson

    I am a watercolour artist. I am inspired by the countryside and coastline of Devon and sometimes further afield. In particular the objects I find along the shoreline, such as shells, broken pottery, seaweeds, driftwood and sea creatures.

Venue 46 Quay Art Gallery

Taking place here…

  • John Abraham

    John returned to painting in 2012 and since then his work has been featured in many exhibitions in the West Country including several solo exhibitions. Painting mainly Land and Seascapes he works from his Somerset Studio.

Venue 44 13 Greatwood Terrace

Taking place here…

  • Susan Thomson

    I paint flowers, birds and animals in watercolour. I am inspired by many subjects and create freer works in acrylic, print and mixed media. Originals and prints, framed and unframed and many different cards are on display.

Venue 45 Sail Loft Studio

Taking place here…

  • Anthi Kay Ceramics

    My ceramics, whether thrown or hand built, take on a very simplistic shape and form which then carries through to the glazing with a contemporary but classic feel. My hope is they are seen as both aesthetic and practical in their use.

  • Caroline Hart wallpaperboats

    Abstract boat paintings using ink and pastel on vintage maps, framed in rustic reclaimed frames resembling the hulls of boats outside the studio on Topsham Quay, together with drypoint and monoprints of abstract boats and buoys.