Lyndsey Gates

Lyndsey Gates

Venue 41 EVA Studios

Also taking place here…

  • The Blood of a Poet

    Widsith & Deor and guests present a performance inspired by the work of Jean Cocteau.

  • Elizabeth Jardine

    Sublime, semi-abstract woodland paintings drawn from periods of immersion in the landscape. Meet the artist, see new paintings and work-in progress. For more information please visit Elizabeth's website:

  • Magical Mini Market

    A miniature market of beautiful, affordable, handmade and handcrafted treasures and curios in the Gallery.

  • Kenson Low

    Paintings of both natural and industrial landscapes. Recent work includes: Studies and paintings of Dartmoor from a 9 month plein air painting exercise. Industrial multi media satellite images of a Port Talbot project.

  • Jess Davies

    Jess Davies makes reduction linocut and drypoint prints about the Devon landscape. She often uses unusual, striking, but simple compositions to summon up the essence of a place, and is known for using a marriage of strong and subdued colours in her work.

  • EVA Studios group exhibition

    An eclectic collection of artists’ studios. There will be a group exhibition including illustration, figurative and abstract painting, metalwork, glass, ceramics and more.