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Art Work Exeter is the new name for Art Week Exeter, whose purpose was to widen access to, and participation in, the diverse forms of contemporary and traditional art in Exeter through an annual event. Expanding upon these intentions, we are putting artist development at the core of our ethos and running a year-round programme of activity.

Bringing together professional and amateur, student and established artists, we seek to promote and support artists and organisations working together. The upshot, we hope, is that Exeter is nationally recognised as a destination city for art lovers and the culturally curious, with a reputation for fostering new talent and ideas across genres and forms.

AWE was constituted as a community interest company in September 2016. It currently has a board of four members and takes direction from a wide range of associates, organisations and participant-led groups. These include Exeter Visual Arts Forum, Exeter Culture and Visual Arts South West. Art Work Exeter CIC has been funded by Arts Council England and a mosaic of public and corporate funds.

Art Work Exeter CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 10387974, at Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS.

Buy Phentramin D Online, Buy Adipex Mexico

Art Week Exeter 2017 programme

Art Week Exeter 2016 programme